Grace - Creator of Soarigami

Inventor. Designer. Peacemaker.



  • Born in Dallas, TX
  • Lived in Ithaca, NY; Chicago, IL; and Vancouver, BC
  • Currently resides in San Francisco, CA
  • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality & Business Management from Cornell University
  • Master of Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington

    Interesting Facts

    • Brainchild of Soarigami, an international award-winning product.
    • Hailed as ‘Surprisingly Genius’ by the Daily Mail UK.
    • Featured in over 500 publications in 50+ countries.
    • Director, producer, and songwriter for Annoying Passenger Anthem, featured in Skift’s top holiday travel ads.
    • Bootstrapped her business by selling her house to move back in with her parents.
    • Sleeps in a wall bed.
    • Accomplished cellist.
    • Wing chun kung fu practitioner.
    • Enjoys a good prank.
    • Soon-to-be featured on a major network TV show.
    • Ending the elbow wars, one armrest at a time.
    • Flies paper airplanes.

      Don’t know what an elbow war is? You will after meeting Grace.