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Soarigami is a patented portable armrest extender/divider that ends all elbow wars. After being stuck on one too many airplane middle seats, jostling for valuable armrest real estate, our co-founder invented Soarigami on — you guessed it — a cocktail napkin. The initial designs were clunky and did not inspire a streamlined and modern user experience. One day, frustrated by designer's block, our co-founder folded her sketches into a paper airplane and launched it into the air. When that paper airplane landed upside down, Soarigami, the ultimate armrest problem solver, was born. 





Paper Airplane



Inspired by origami





Inspired by an origami paper airplane, Soarigami's mission is to unfold savvier skies, one armrest at a time. It makes the perfect gift for people who love to travel, go to the movies or shows, and those who have everything. It's ideal for moms or dads, but also to keep the peace between kids. Soarigami is also a great corporate gift for your next company party. Learn more about Soarigami by reading some Frequently Asked Questions