Frequently Asked Questions

Will Soarigami work on any armrest?

Soarigami will work almost anywhere with a stingy armrest. The screws can be tightened or loosened to accommodate a wide range of widths. 


Will I feel embarrassed using this product?

Not unless you are one of these annoying passengers. When you fly with a Soarigami, you’re part of the savvy traveler’s club. Keep in mind, the product is not just for strangers. How many times do you travel with loved ones? It won’t take long before armrests look bald without a Soarigami.


Where can I use Soarigami?

Soarigami works anywhere with an existing armrest: airplanes, movie theaters, stadiums, concert halls, lecture halls, buses, trains, and more — pretty much anywhere with row seating.


When will I receive my Soarigami if I order today?

We're working around the clock to meet demand. Product will be shipped in September. We appreciate your patience and support. In the meantime, we’re offering a discount for early adopters.


Won’t it cut into my side?

The tapered airplane design allows you to use the armrest comfortably without it poking into your side. Insider tip: turn the Soarigami so the ‘nose' of the airplane faces you. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.


What is Soarigami made of?

Soarigami is made from plastic that is 100% recyclable. For added comfort, the armrests are padded with a removable leatherette cover. Adjustable metal screws allow the product to stay secure in use.


What if the person next to me does not want to use the device?

Did you ask your neighbor politely? If they really don’t want to use it, you can claim the existing armrest fair and square. Soarigami is a win-win solution.


How secure is the device?

It’s secure when downward pressure is applied to it, the way it was designed to be used. However, as a safety feature, if upward pressure is applied from underneath, the product can easily be removed.


How much weight can the product support?

Soarigami supports as much weight as the existing armrest.


Can Soarigami be customized for my company swag bag?

We like the way you think. Yes, Soarigami is a perfect way to upgrade your swag bag! Learn more on our wholesale page.


Can I customize Soarigami?

Excellent question! This is based on the quantity you plan to purchase. We have a great design partner that can customize the leatherette to suit your needs. Contact us at and let’s see what we can do.


How do I care for the product?

Keep those Cheetos-fingers away. The armrest covers are removable. We suggest a simple wipe [like you would your phone or laptop].


Will it wobble with only one arm rested on the device?

Nope. We doubled up during the design with rubberized winglets (aka the 'clamps') and stainless steel screws. Simply tighten the screws to secure the armrest.


Does it come in any other color or design?

What would you like to see? Tell us here and we just might do it!


Is this FAA approved?

Of course. It is no different than taking your laptop or iPad onboard. In fact, we were voted as the most innovative product of the skies by over 200 airlines at the International Air Transport Association.


What if my neighbor needs to use the lavatory?

Soarigami is not going to stop your neighbor from using the lavatory or the baby behind you from crying. The product is compact and streamlined, so they should have no issue sliding out. If there is a need, simply unclip and adjust the product like you would the tray table for your neighbor to squeeze by.