Partner Showcase: Focus Product Design

October 26, 2014

Soarigami is honored to be featured on The Breadboard! We are proud to partner with Focus Product Design to bring you the Soarigami, an end to all armrest and elbow wars. A turnkey product design firm in the heart of Silicon Valley, Focus has helped clients like Apple, Audi, GoPole (for GoPro), and many others bring innovative concepts to market with industrial design, engineering and manufacturing services.

After several initial prototypes that were clunky and not user-friendly, Soarigami sought out Focus and presented a challenge: to refine Soarigami's initial prototype, Project ARMORester, to make it sleeker and cooler, in addition to scrapping the strap design for a more streamlined approach.

We are hard at work turning these concepts to reality. For now, enjoy the Annoying Passenger Anthem, one of the ways we are helping make the skies savvier.

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