The Art of Elbow War

October 19, 2014 1 Comment

With commodity air travel on the rise, the golden age of flying is long gone, but one can still dream.

And dream we did. We developed the Soarigami for the savvy traveler who is too smart to get stuck in the middle seat. They sneak into the United Club to get upgraded to Economy Plus without paying a dime. They know how to snatch the exit or bulkhead, not only for the first leg, but also the return leg.

However, once in a while, someone from the group of less-traveled-by inevitably ends up sandwiched between the savvy. They are the ones who did not have the forethought to preselect seats. They are the ones holding up security because they forgot about 3-1-1. They like to scream useless chatter to someone five seats across. They often ruin our flight by squeezing their elbows over our armrest space, drawing first blood in the dreaded elbow war.

With the Soarigami, there is finally a line of defense against the annoying passengers. This little device not only extends the usable armrest space between two passengers for comfortable sharing, there is a middle barrier to help prevent hairy forearm grazing or sweaty spillage. Yes, we designed the Soarigami so that savvy travelers can enjoy a more relaxing experience. Our goal is to make the skies savvier and friendlier. So consider us the opposite of the Knee Defender, where theirs results in a drink in your face and ours fosters a positive change of pace.

While the Soarigami won't bring back the golden age of flying any time soon, we hope it will at least make your travel experience just a little bit comfier, a little bit friendlier.

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John Hammond
John Hammond

October 19, 2014

I like your designs! The Paper Airplane looks really cool. I like it more than the paperclip thingy someone else had a few months ago. That one had to be built in while yours is portable. Very cool, definitely looking forward to your challenge. Bring it on!

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